People / Media


Prof. Joachim Funke

Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Prof. Jennifer Wiley

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA



Dr. Carola Salvi

University of Texas at Austin, USA

Prof. Merim Bilalic

Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK


Dr. Michael Öllinger

Parmenides Foundation, Munich, Germany

Dr. Virginia Flanagin

Klinikum der Universität München, Munich, Germany


Thomas Fraps (Magician)

Portrayed in Nature, 2005

Prof. Benedikt Grothe

LMU München, Munich, Germany

Prof. Jan Rummel

Universität Heidelberg, Germany


  • The Nature of Things, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC, 2018)    Episode featuring my work on Aha! moments when people try to discover the magician’s secret method
  • The Psychologist (2016):  Science of Magic Workshop at Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London (2014): Cultivating Eureka
  • Spektrum der Wissenschaft (2009):

Spektrum der Wissenschaft

  • W wie Wissen, ARD (2009): Episode (in German) featuring my work on neural correlates of expectation violations in magic tricks

Former lab members:

00343 Marie Schild
Student research assistant now studies Statistics in Berlin
erdo Judit Pétervári
Master Thesis „Restructuring information during spatial navigation – the exploration of strategy use and insight“
(main supervisor Dr. Virginia Flanagin)now PhD student at Queen Mary University of London